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As Claudete transitioned into her early adolescence, she flourished into an enterprising and adventurous young lady, eager to embark on a global odyssey. Recognizing that her parents were unable to furnish her with financial security or opportunities that extended beyond their means, she embarked on her expedition with their blessings. As part of Brazilian culture, especially when the family's income is modest or uncertain, many young people take control of their lives as soon as they glimpse a way to achieve economic and personal autonomy. Claudete ventured into the world to carve her own path from a young age.

Claudete's unwavering resolve to explore the world ultimately led her to the United States. Much like the experiences of numerous industrious immigrants, her resources were limited—merely a contact provided by a mutual acquaintance and a profound faith that God would provide.

After several attempts to find her niche in American society, Claudete commenced her career as a waitress. While her proficiency in English was modest, she comprehended that serving food to individuals in festive settings entailed more than merely presenting an assortment of appetizers on a tray. In her perspective, the art of catering encompassed the artful presentation of food, its taste and appearance, gracious and joyful service, and the intricate subtleties of the catering profession.

In 2001, MK Catering & Events was established in response to a client's demand for event solutions. Since then, its journey has been marked by continuous evolution. With two decades of consistent performance, MK Catering & Events has become an integral presence in the industry, esteemed and respected by all who are acquainted with it.

MK Catering & Events not only adapts to the unique needs of its clients but also elevates each event to a higher standard, creating truly memorable experiences. Its relentless commitment to continuous improvement, combined with years of experience and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, have solidified its position as a leading authority in the world of events.


Claudete Sebben

Founder & CEO

Claudete Sebben, also known as Kathy, hails from Xaxim, a small town in the southern region of Brazil. During her formative years, she absorbed the importance of diligence, inspired by her father's commendable character. He was a resourceful individual who instilled in Claudete and her siblings the values of family and the respect for labor. Remarkably, by the tender age of six, Claudete was already overseeing her own miniature fruit and vegetable cart, going door-to-door selling to her neighborhood.

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