“Green” Services & Organic Options

MK Catering realizes the impact that large corporations can have on the environment and continuously implements regulations and practices that promote ecological responsibility wherever possible.



•  MK Catering utilizes only sustainable seafood purveyors. We do not incorporate the use of any endangered fish or seafood products onto any of our menus.

•  We encourage the use of disposable “green” products, made from recycled materials, for less formal functions

•  MK utilizes custom paperless menu options sent electronically to cut down on environmental paper impact.

•  When electronic versions are not convenient, menus using 100% recycled paper and organic inks are available upon request.

•  A portion of MK’s produce is purchased from local and organic sources with sustainable and ecologically conscious practices. MK is doing the due diligence to determine the percentage and our goal is to increase that percentage by 2014.

•  MK Catering utilizes only FSC certified printers in order to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.

•  Recycling practices are applied for kitchen oils and food by-products.

Kosher Style

MK Catering does have the ability to provide kosher style catering for events of all sizes

Please contact  our associates for more information.