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Zooming In ...


Brides’ Benefits

Livestreaming your wedding with Zoom will free you and your guests from a lot
of responsibilities and will allow you to invite more people worldwide than the
original venue would have allowed. You do not have to plan a menu that works
for 150 plus guests meaning you can indulge in an individualized menu of your

absolute favorite culinary flavors.

Guests’ Benefits

With a Zoom wedding, your guests are free from travel expenses, hotel
accommodations, no sitters, no new outfit! They will be comfortable in their

homes participating in your wedding vows.

Consider using our knowledge of catering, décor, and IT as a valuable resource by
choosing a wedding planner or day-of-coordination by MK Catering. This will
ensure the flow of the entire event. After all, you will be looking at these images

for a lifetime.

Our wedding planners will develop your wedding timeline with you to make sure
that everything is remembered. So much thought goes into the details of a
wedding, whether large or small, and a good timeline provides a framework that
helps tell your story. Our service is a top priority for any wedding and with an
intimate celebration the service will be excellent.
If you are making the effort to make your dreams come true, have fun with it!
While you are toasting with Champagne, MK Catering will be providing a toast
for your guests with some goodies and something to remember the special day.
Sending a small basket ahead of the celebration will put them all in a celebratory
mood and it is a great way to thank them for taking the time to be there for you.

Location – Furniture

Many venues have paused their operations, so how about getting married in your

home? After all, “Home is where the heart is.”

MK Catering can personalize your backyard to look glamorous with lounge
furniture, potted flowers, plants, tables, linens, chairs incorporating social
distancing guidelines, and a chuppah for you to say, “I do.”

As an alternative, we can provide a long weekend for you and your immediately
family in a more sophisticated house with a swimming pool or at an exotic

location like the beach or the country.

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